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“We tried Rama Space for our yoga retreat and had an amazing time with Abi and his team.”

“I’ll definitely recommend to learn from abi. His knowledge is precise and perfectly time distributed!”

“A blend of yoga and hiking is definitely the right choice for everyone. Thank you guys! See you all soon”

“Beautifully curated itineraries and such amazing landscapes, i wish i do stay and learn more. Well done guys!”

“Great experience of sound healing with Master Abi.
Teaching is very informative, well structured & so cool to try! “

“One of the best experiences i ever had was to choose Rama Space for my hiking yoga retreat.”

“It’s a totally different world of meditation and energy healing. I’ll definitely recommend rama space to others.”

“I’m grateful to Abi and his team for organizing such a blissful yoga retreat for me and my friends. “

“I’m definitely coming again for other adventure retreats with rama space. Hariom ?. “

“Abhishek is really professional and knows what he is doing. I love the sound healing session that he conducted. Felt at peace after a very long time. I would definitely recommend his sessions.”

  • Great Experience, Very Recommended

    Great experience of sound healing with Master Abi.
    Teaching is very informative, well structured & so cool to try!

    With Abi’s course & inspiration , I’m eager to pursue the path of sound healing ❤️

    Great Experience, Very Recommended
    Nastassia Matsulevich
  • Well structured course

    Abi is a great teacher, very knowledgeable and detailed. He is very good at explaining things and simplifying them. I would highly recommend the sound therapy course. He is also very passionate about the art and will go over and above what is expected!

    Well structured course
    Morne Cilliers
    South Africa
  • Highly recommended

    I learned the amazing art of sound healing from Master Abhi and could only recommend others further to try the course. The classes were concise, well structured and informative. Looking forward to continue my practice and experience the various benefits of sound bath and healing.
    Highly recommended
    Sanjeev Laha
  • The Best Teacher

    Master Abi is such an experienced and patient teacher that he brought me into another whole new world of sound healing experience and learning. His in-depth knowledge about sound and chakra therapy is definitely a great asset that I wish I can further my studies and practices with him again in the near future. 

    The Best Teacher
    Penny Chau
    Hong Kong

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S O U N D   H E A L I N G


  • Absolutely fantastic experience!

    I met Abi at his performance in Rishikesh Vinyasa Yoga School and decided to learn sound healing from him.
    The course was well lead and I’ve learnt a lot. On top of that he took me to a good music store, helped me with choosing my bowls and he arranged a discount for me. I can highly recommend him as a teacher! 🙂
    Ola sound healing review
    Aleksandra Tunicka
  • No need to think twice

    I feel very fortunate and blessed for having had the opportunity to take my sound and meditation singing bowl course with Abhishek ji for I loved the energy and intention he put when he taught us. Classes were well structured, clear, informative, giving us all the opportunity to learn and practice at the same time. Abhishek ji even helped me later on to purchase a beautiful singing bowl set, including a few full moon ones by spending no less than 3h and a half at the music store. If you have a chance to be his student, no need to think twice.
    No need to think twice
    Paula Tsai
  • Learned more than i expected

    recently learned a workshop on sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls at rama space. And it was an eye opener for me, it taught me how to look objectively look at my real self and how we manifest certain things in our life. For those who are looking for an holistic approach to life, I’ll definitely recommend to learn from abi. His knowledge is precise and perfectly time distributed. I’ve learned more here in just 12 hours than I expected and I will definitely also try the yoga retreats in the Himalayas that rama space is offering. I’ve met the team but was not able to spend more time but I’ll be back soon.
    Learned more than i expected
    Rahul Maheshwari
  • Feel Confident

    I want to tell everyone who is reading reviews about Abhishek that he and the art of playing the singing bowls have changed my life. I feel confident to do healing therapies thanks to the professional guidance of Abi Ji 🙂
    I love to see the people leaving after each therapy calm and joyful. And that is exactly how I felt while doing the course with Abhishek. Keep it up!
    Namaste 🙂

    Feel Confident
    Jan Zapletal
    Czech Republic
  • Lovely experience

    I had a lovely experience during my sound healing training. The instructor, Abhi, is talented, passionate, and knowledgeable. The 12-hr training covered a variety of healing techniques and information on choosing a harmonious singing bowl set. I feel confident that I have a sound foundation to continue improving upon my skills and knowledge. The program is suitable for everyone, no music or instrument experience is required. Upon completion participants can be confident that they are well on their way to providing quality sound healing therapies.
    Lovely experience
    Oluchi Okwandu
    United States
  • Great Experience Learning

    I had the great pleasure of taking a sound healing course with Abhi. I couldn’t be happier with his teaching. I took away so not only the lesson of the practice, but also theory, history and understanding of the significance of singing bowls. Abhi’s course is designed in a concise way that allows for maximum learning and growth. You can really feel his passion for sound therapy which makes it all the more interesting. If you’re at all interested in sound therapy, check him out!
    Great Experience Learning
    Katelyn Cusimano
    United States


We chose Rishikesh, home of the Sages and Yoga Capital of the world, as our home. Sitting in the foothills of the Himalayas, Rishikesh is popular amongst westerners and deeply immersed in spirituality. It is a cross culture of Indian mystics, Tibetan monks, and western spiritual seekers. It has a nearby airport, good healthy food options, a diverse ex-pat community, and stunning natural scenery. It is a cross culture of Indian mystics, Tibetan monks, and western spiritual seekers. It has a nearby airport, good healthy food options, a diverse ex-pat community, and stunning natural scenery.

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  • Testimonials
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