Come and dive deeper in to the sounds of existence. We offer sound healing courses and trainings where you can learn sound healing with tibetan singing bowls for self healing and healing others.

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Join Abi for a sound healing training in beautiful Rishikesh – the yoga capital of the world! This training workshop will be held at Rama Space Healing Meditation Center, located in Tapovan, Rishikesh, India. If you are looking to travel to Rishikesh, this healing experience will lift your spirits and inspire you to unfurl to your full potential. We offer the best reiki and sound healing trainings in India. Your experienced master, Abi will lead you through an immersive experience, where you’ll learn the various ancient therapies for self healing and healing of others.

After learning and practicing with the singing bowls, Abi has crafted his own courses and has been running it successfully in Rishikesh, India. The three level workshop will ensure that you become an efficient sound healing teacher and give individual as well as group healing therapies. At Rama Space we offer sound healing courses and teacher trainings for all levels of practitioners. Come and learn sound healing with Himalayan singing bowls in the best healing yoga school in Rishikesh.

The Sanskrit word “Samvahan” means “re-awakening of tissue”, and this is what happens when you are surrounded by the vibrations produced from these bowls. They balances the imbalanced vibrations and reawaken the healing powers within the body. The deep relaxation response defies description; it must be experienced and lived!

Sound healing is getting more and more prominent in today’s world especially in the field of healing and spiritual transformation. If we generalize the term sound healing, it refers to as – healing through sound. And singing bowls have been used for many centuries for fulfilling the purpose.

A singing bowl is a type of bell that is shaped like a bowl of varying sizes. A fine proportion of sacred metals are used in making singing bowls with the art of hammer and tuning. These metals gives a set of overtones to these bowls which can be seen in the unique frequency and vibration of these bowls. When we hit the bowls with a wooden mallet, it produces a rich blend of harmonic sounds which aids in the meditative process and have a direct effect on our chakras – energy centers. These mystical sounds and vibrations helps in reducing stress, meditation, deep relaxation, chakra balancing and overall holistic healing.


How does sound healing therapy work?

For this we need to understand our existence as a physical self. Our nervous system is a fine cluster of such sophisticated architecture, so many nerves spreading here and there, connecting and binding all our organs together so that each works in tune with the other. And our nervous system is sensitive to sounds. Loud and harsh sounds may hurt several delicate parts of our nervous system and cause damage while the rhythmic, harmonious sounds produced from the singing bowls has a profound healing effect on our whole nervous system.

Also, if we see our body it is made up of trillions of cells, and our nervous system is in continuous communication with all of them. Also, if we look inside a cell, this is what modern science says, it is made up of atoms and inside these minute atoms there’s basically vibrations or wave particles, continuously vibrating at a particular frequency. Thus, the external vibrations from the bowls are basically used for balancing the vibrations that we are – at our very core of our existence.

sound healing courses in india

You may have learned that our body is around 70 to 72 % water and the water element is a good conductor of sound and vibrations. Just like when you throw a stone in a pond or a lake, it creates ripples all around of it, similarly sound waves from these tapped bowls move in concentric circles and penetrates through your blood, flesh, organs and bones, relaxing them and energizing them at the same time. Sound healing with singing bowls give a gentle cleansing massage to the trillions of cells of a human body. It helps in releasing blockages and thus taking care of your mind, body and spirit as a whole.

When these sound healing bowls are tapped together, the harmonious overtones starts to resonate and produce the most mystical and unexpected sounds. Because of these spiritual and transformative qualities of these bowls, they were used since ages for healing purposes and can be used for expanding our consciousness in the very present.


Philosophy & Science

of Sound Healing based on Ancient culture of India, Nepal & Tibet (Himalayan Villages)

Scientific introduction

to Singing Bowls : The most powerful and ancient sound healing tool.

Therapeutic & Proffesional

approach to play Singing Bowls and offer self and group healing classes.

Sound healer jessicah birch

Scientific explanation,

Demonstration & Hands on Training, Question & Answer Session of each & every therapy

Chakra Balancing Therapies

to balance the chakras in the spiritual body and enhance awareness by relaxation.

Sound Massage

to offer a gentle massage through sound and vibrations to recharge the trillions of cells.

Abhishek R.

I’ve always been a learner in the physical world and my materialistic achievements includes working as a photographer, trek leader, engineer and a RYT 500 Hour yoga teacher in varied aspects. To further elevate my skills I’ve worked as a photographer and administrator of various yoga workshops abroad. Here at Rama space, I teach sound healing workshops and lead yoga and meditation retreats in the Himalayas. Hariaum & Namaste!!

Abhishek Ji

Sound Healing Courses

Sound healing courses and trainings are ideal for Yoga Teachers and Therapists looking to enhance their offerings, but also for students looking to dive deeper into meditation and their yoga practice.

Don’t miss out on an experience of a lifetime. Spaces are limited. All our sound healing courses are only exchangeable and non-refundable. Register now!

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Basic Level 1

$130 | ₹ 10.5k

6 hours
2 days
Introduction and self-healing
Intermediate Level 2

$160 | ₹ 13.5k

6 hours
2 days
Private Therapies
Advanced Level 3

$210 | ₹ 17k

6 hours
2 days
Group Healing and Sound Massage
Sound healing courses in india

Two days workshop on
singing bowl healing therapy (level 1)

An introduction into the art of sound healing.
The history of Sound healing.
The science behind sound healing
Understanding the therapeutic intensity and its importance.
Introduction to 7 Himalayan Singing Bowls – 7 metals – 7 planets.
How to play – from the basics.
Practical guidelines for a sound healer.
Tingshaw & Dorje Bell playing techniques 
How to practice pure sound and understanding noise.
Setting the Intention for Healing
Self Healing – Mental, Physical and Energy body

Two-days workshop on singing bowl healing therapy (level 2)

Rewind Level 1
Body reactions to vibrations from bowls.
Understanding the Chakra notations and connecting with your singing bowls frequencies with mantra. 
Vedic & Tibetan Chakra traditions
How to check the frequencies of your bowls & DIY Chakra set.
Introduction to Space Cleansing
Water energization therapy and water consciousness.
Balancing the Muladhara Chakra (Root)
Balancing the Manipura Chakra (Solar Plexus) 
Balancing the Anahata Chakra (Heart)
Sound healing courses in india
Sound healing courses in india

Two-days workshop on singing bowl healing therapy (level 3)

Introduction to Rain Sticks, Ocean Drums, Chimes & Shells 
Chakra Balancing Therapy – Vedic Tradition
How to use Tingsha for Pineal Gland – the Third Eye.
Fish mouth chanting.
Therapy for stiff neck, hip & back.
How to use a singing bowls in your asana class.
Healing the Body – front, sides and back
Healing the Head & the feet
Creating your own therapeutic asana massage flow 
Introduction to Gongs – the most powerful healing instrument

What will you gain from this training!

A certificate of completion that acknowledges your commitment, skill, and qualification to teach and share Sound Healing Therapy with Himalayan Singing bowls.

An understanding of the fundamental principles of sound healing meditation practices with singing bowls and how to form the connection with the bowls.

You will be able to lead individual chakra healing with singing bowls, water therapy with bowls, space cleansing, sound massage and much more.

You will be able to perform a one-to-one session or a group sound bath. Also, you will be able to handle and customize various sound healing sessions catered to varied audiences.

You will also be able to design and conduct sound healing workshops, seminars, and therapies based on himalayan sound bowls meditations.

You will achieve a positive attitude, peace of mind, increased self-confidence, inner creativity, and an entrepreneurial spirit in and after the training.

Sound Healing Sessions in Rishikesh

Sound healing therapies are an ideal way to a relaxed mind and body. Check out from the options of sound healing therapies that we have at Rama Space. Each therapy serves a different purpose and can be modified or improvised according to consultation beforehand. Drop us a message and our team will contact you for further information. 

Chakra balancing therapy


For balancing all the seven chakras in your energy body. Restores the energy flow by stimulating the chakras and dissolving the blockages.
Sound bath with singing bowl therapy


Experience a concert of rhythmic sounds and vibrations as the mystical overtones from singing bowls passes through your blood, flesh, bones to the cellular level and elevates your consciousness.
Sound massage with tibetan bowls


For a gentle body massage for your trillions of cells. Helps in relaxation and relief from muscular tensions, physical stress, and improves recovery.
Best place to learn sound healing

Why this sound healing training is for you!

You want to learn sound healing and become a Sound Healing Therapist or Singing Bowls Teacher.

You are interested in learning ancient healing methods of sound healing such as Chakra Balancing, water therapy, massages & sound baths..

You are a Yoga Teacher who wants to incorporate the healing benefits of Singing Bowls into your classes.

You are a sound therapist who wants to deepen your knowledge of using Himalayan Singing Bowls in your sessions.


Here are some frequently asked questions related to this Sound healing training
What airport do I fly into?

You will book your international ticket into Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL). You can either take a direct cab from Delhi to Rishikesh (75 USD) or you can fly to Dehradun Airport (DED). Our school driver will be at the airport to receive you and you’ll reach the school in 45 minutes.

Are airport transfers included in the price of my trip?

The price of this workshop is exclusive of the airport transfers. If you’d like us to manage your transfers let us know and we’ll find you the best option available during the time.

What are the accommodations like?

The price of this workshop is exclusive of the accommodation and meals. If you’d like us to manage your accommodation let us know and we’ll find you the best option available during the workshop.

Are gratuities included?

Gratuities are not included in the price of your trip. However if you receive exceptional service by staff or other employees helping you throughout the trip then an additional tip is always appreciated. We suggest a budget of around $5-$10/day per guest (Personal Choice).

What is the cancellation policy for this trip?

All trainings include a $130 non-refundable / non-transferable deposit, which is required to hold your spot on the trip. 

Do I need a Visa to visit India?

It depends on country to country. Please check it online before applying for visa directly.

Do I need vaccinations?

There are no required vaccinations for travel to India, apart from the ongoing Covid vaccines. However, it is better to consult with your primary care physician to make a decision on what is best for you. 

Are meals included?

The price of this workshop is exclusive of the accommodation and meals. The Cafe in Rishikesh offers tasty, healthy vegetarian food, all with vegan options. They offer a range of organic foods and gluten free breads baked in house as well as an electric menu of tasty dishes from around the world. We have different eating options for retreats outside of rishikesh and our team will make sure that you always get the best and healthy food available.

What if I am traveling alone?

We get hundreds of travelers each year who go on retreat alone. If you are traveling without a friend or partner, but prefer to share your room, we will do our best to match you with another traveler of the same gender. If for some reason, we are not able to match you with a roommate, a single supplement will apply. 

If you prefer to have your own private room, a single supplement will apply.

Do I need travel insurance?

All payments to Rama Space are non-refundable & non-transferable. The purchase of travel insurance is strongly recommended to ensure you are covered should any unexpected event arise. However, going to the mountains is always a beautiful adventure.

Sound healing courses in India

Rama Space is one of the top healing and meditation center in Rishikesh, India. Don’t just listen to us. Here are what people say about us.

review of sound healing workshop


Abi is a great teacher, very knowledgeable and detailed. He is very good at explaining things and simplifying them. I would highly recommend the sound therapy course. He is also very passionate about the art and will go over and above what is expected!
review of sound healing training


I learned the amazing art of sound healing from Master Abhi and could only recommend others further to try the course. The classes were concise, well structured and informative. Looking forward to continue my practice and experience the various benefits of sound bath and healing.
review of sound healing training in rishikesh


I had the great pleasure of taking a sound healing course with Abhi. I couldn’t be happier with his teaching. I took away so not only the lesson of the practice, but also theory, history and understanding of the significance of singing bowls. Abhi’s course is designed in a concise way that allows for maximum learning and growth. You can really feel his passion for sound therapy which makes it all the more interesting. If you’re at all interested in sound therapy, check him out!
review of sound healing workshop in india


I had a lovely experience during my sound healing training. The instructor, Abhi, is talented, passionate, and knowledgeable. The 12-hr training covered a variety of healing techniques and information on choosing a harmonious singing bowl set. I feel confident that I have a sound foundation to continue improving upon my skills and knowledge. The program is suitable for everyone, no music or instrument experience is required. Upon completion participants can be confident that they are well on their way to providing quality sound healing therapies.
Learn the best sound healing courses in rishikesh


I met Abi at his performance in Rishikesh Vinyasa Yoga School and decided to learn sound healing from him. The course was well lead and I’ve learnt a lot. On top of that he took me to a good music store, helped me with choosing my bowls and he arranged a discount for me. I can highly recommend him as a teacher! 🙂
Learn the best sound healing courses in india


Great experience of sound healing with Master Abi. Teaching is very informative, well structured & so cool to try! With Abi’s course & inspiration , I’m eager to pursue the path of sound healing ❤️

Don’t miss out on an experience of a lifetime. Spaces are limited. All our sound healing courses are only exchangeable and non-refundable. Register now!

+91 7017-883-478

Basic Level 1

$130 | ₹ 10.5k

6 hours
2 days
Introduction and self-healing
Intermediate Level 2

$160 | ₹ 13.5k

6 hours
2 days
Private Therapies
Advanced Level 3

$210 | ₹ 17k

6 hours
2 days
Group Healing and Sound Massages

The future of healing is energy healing.

The Sanskrit word “Samvahan” means “re-awakening of tissue”, and this is what happens when you are surrounded by the vibrations produced from these bowls. They balances the imbalanced vibrations and reawaken the healing powers within the body. The deep relaxation response defies description; it must be experienced and lived!

How to reach Rishikesh?


The closest Airport is the Jollygrant Airport (15 km) in Dehradun and is well connected to Delhi and other parts of the country.


You can board a direct bus, also a Volvo from Delhi to Rishikesh at a cost of 500 – 1500 INR per person. These are pretty frequent, departing every 30 min or so from Delhi ISBT and takes about 4 to 5 hour time to reach Rishikesh. A Private Vehicle can be arranged on request. The same is applicable for the return journey.


The closest Railway station is Rishikesh Yoga Nagri Railway Station. Our ashram is just 15 min drive from there.